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Why do we like this shit so much? What the fuck are you doing here? Sure, there are naked ladies, but so what? They’re just sex starved chav sluts who would probably pay YOU for a fuck. Let me tell you, these ladies aren’t exactly the cream of the crop right here. You won’t find the next Miss Universe among the whores of Jessica's honeyz , but you just might find some sluts who will blow your mind. Only the dirty girls live here, the bad ones that you’ve always been warned about, but I guess that’s what makes it so satisfying to split them wide open and spank ‘em hard when you’re done!

But anyway, on to today’s young chav pussy. Her name is Cleo Summers and, as doubtful as this might sound, she is broke and needs money. But they’re usually so thrifty right? I know. So this broke and horny fucker does the only thing she knows how to do. She dresses up in her best Sunday clothes and pounds the pink with the help of her best friend the vibrator. It looks like she gets off on this shit… I bet she would get freaky as hell if you paid her enough, or supplied alcohol.

Well she’s a dirty girl alright. There’s no two ways about it. Shay is a dirty chav who gets off on pushing guys around and getting whatever she wants. And whatever she wants is usually cum and money, in that order. In fact the men at model works could probably pay this infected twat with jelly beans and she wouldn’t say no. I think she just loves the attention, and she definitely loves getting wet and messy for the whole world to see. Fuckin’ chavs, they just don’t care who sees them doing all this shit online!

Woody is her target for today, and she starts by spitting on his chubby sausage cock to get it lubed up and ready for the oral action… but it seems like she’s not here to friends. So she’s a dirty bitch with a bad attitude, but I’ll give her this much: she has a great set of big bouncy titties and that big round ass is not half bad either! You see, you just need to be able to find the good inside these fuckin’ chav sluts, get past that outer shell and you’ve got yourself a warm pink pussy to fuck with.

Everything about today’s chav slut is big. She has a big head, big mouth, big earrings, and a huge fuckin’ pussy that has been getting bigger and bigger over the years… and today she is doing some more renovations to her pink bits! So if you like the feeling that you get when a pussy is so damn loose that you don’t even know if you’re inside or not, then you’re going to love this dirty piece of chav pussy. She hasn’t come to model works for a fuck today, she has just stopped by for a quick “do it yourself” video for some fast cash to buy lottery tickets or some other bullshit. Who knows and who cares?

So what do you think? Did she do a good enough job working over her pussy? Is she ready to hit the big time on the international chav porn circuit? She is so damn eager to get those guys inside her, it’s like she thinks this dildo banging video was an audition or something. Well, no, sorry babe, it’s not about what you want… it’s all about what the kings of modl works want to do to your overused and soaking wet slit!



The folks over at Jessicas honeyz got one of the best surprises they ever had when this sexy Indian chav walked in the doors to make a video. A sweet piece of ass doesn’t just come along every day you know… most of the chav sluts who stop by look like they’ve just woken up and noticed they had no money left to buy earrings. But don’t get me wrong, Zarina needs money for earrings too… but she is a whole lot hotter than most of the others these guys get their cocks in to.

It’s another solo video as you can see, because they don’t want to fuck around with chavs who don’t even know how to get themselves off, so they make each new slut come in and fuck themselves with their fingers or dildos or whatever the fuck it takes to make them cum. The look on her face after she is done pounding her pussy with that glass dildo is just priceless… yet another satisfied customer at the home of hardcore chavs. And she won’t be the last either. Word spreads around town faster than a broke girl’s legs!

I like redheads. Redheads with shaved pussies in particular. Because well, you know, sometimes that red bush gets all overgrown and out of control! But I know some people like it hairy, and if you enjoy not being able to see past the forest then go for it… but when you see this young chav slut with her smooth wet pussy out on display you may just change your mind about that. Her name is Sophie O’Brien, and she is a repeat offender at Chavley Court. She’s one of those dirty girls who didn’t get enough cock the first time around so she had to come back for more. Or maybe she’s just broke again.

Whichever way you look at it Sophie is pretty fuckin’ hot, and her body looks so sweet and fuckable that it would be a crime not to put this all on video for the world to see. She starts off stroking and sucking on this guy’s chubby cock before licking his balls a little bit to make sure he’s good and ready to plunge deep inside of her pink bits. Woody must have been feeling generous that day too as he returns the favour by eating her until she’s soaking wet!

I think this bitch must have heard what I posted about redhead chavs with shaved pussies earlier, because the very next fuckin’ videos I see have the exact opposite: a redhead with a huge hairy bush! It’s like she is just trying to piss me off. But anyway, I’m a journalist, I have to be professional and unbiased even toward dirty unshaven twats like we see right here. You see the sacrifices I make for you people out there lookin’ for chav porn? Who else is going to sit through all this shit to make a blog about it?!?

But that’s enough talk about gardening. On with the show… the one woman show starring Satine Spark, her overgrown pussy, and a pink vibrator that she shoves in to her pink bits. She’s not the prettiest chav girl you’ll ever see, but she’s definitely not the worst of ‘em either, and I have to say she knows how to work that sausage wallet. I might even let her fuck me for free, but I’d have to think about it. You can see all of Satine’s dirty chav sex and masturbation videos over at Chavley Court along with plenty more broke bitches who need money.

You’d think someone would have called the police already on the kings of model works … I mean really, they have all of these dirty chav sluts lined up outside the house all day just waiting for a chance to come in and have a wank or suck a cock! It is true what they say: money talks, and what’s a girl to do if she can’t buy bling?!? So you see these folks are just providing a community service for the local chav girls. They get money to buy useless crap, the crew get to pound her until she’s raw, and we all get to watch it!

I thought this fuckin’ chav would never shut up when I started checking out these videos… there she is talking about some shit, fishing for compliments about her underwear and titties… just shut the fuck up! But this is a solo video, so nobody is going to shove a cock in her mouth to make her be quiet. When she starts fingering her twat and rubbing her clit she just gets even louder though, but at least she’s not talking for a change. A good orgasm will do wonders to quiet down a woman who won’t stop talking!


Well I can’t say it’s a big surprise to me… here we have another random chav who showed up to the house expecting a nice conversation, some tea and cake, and maybe some passionate love making afterward. She got none of the above. Fuck that. You want to switch on Oprah too while you’re at it? There is only one reason to stop by the lads at Model works, and that is to show the world how fucked up chav porn can really be. Oh and they also like money… sucking cock for money, fingering their cunt for money, getting banged by two chubby cocks, whatever it takes!

Obviously the crew aren’t on the lookout for supermodels around the estate, and Melissa Walker is anything but a supermodel… but she sure can multi-task. When you see her working over these two men at the same time you’ll have to wonder, how much cum as this cunt seen its lifetime? Maybe some things are better left unkown. But if you’re in the mood for some more of this dirty chav porn scene you can find it inside model works where you’ll also meet plenty more sluts who look like they might steal your wallet.

Oh my… a blinged up chav slut completely wasted on cheap white wine, say it isn’t so! But seriously now if you were out looking for a sure fuck you could do a whole lot worse than this. It’s our old friend Charlotte, and she has a problem. The problem is that she has to decide between buying another bottle of wine, or putting that money toward the next size up in hoop earrings. So you can see the dilemma here. So many decisions and so few brain cells. But that’s what we’re here for. We’re here to help out these slightly slutty chavs in their time of financial need!

Besides, she probably won’t even remember making this video later on, and she got a bit of cash out of it. It’s a good deal all around. You might want to do a volume check before you play these videos too, she gets really fuckin’ noisy toward the end of the last clip as she thrusts that bottle deep in her cunt. You can even see her pussy juices start dribbling out all over the sheets. Even while drunk she knows what she’s doing when it comes down to fucking herself!

We’ve got a big one here for you today… it was hard to miss Nicki walking around dressed like that, with her big sexy ass almost falling out of her tiny skirt like that. This is high end chav fashion right here ladies and gentlemen, and it is also very functional as you’re about to see. Easy access are the two words I’d use to describe this chav slut. Just whip those titties out of her top, lift up her skirt and you’re in. You can tell Nicky has had her fair share of cock over the years, and that dirty mouth of hers has learned a few tricks along the way!

So like I said she is a big girl, and the crew at Jessica's honeyz are really in to the big ones you know. They love getting these big beautiful chavs in there and fucking them raw and seeing them bob up and down on a cock as if they’ve been practising every day. Sometimes you find a gem like this in the chav crowd, a dirty fucker who really knows her stuff! Check her out at the main site if you need more of this big ass babe.